Sunday, January 23

Verstappen, to declare: you may lose your first row




Se cuts the tension with a knife in Qatar, and each action is watched, reviewed, analyzed, as well as each spoiler and each element of the cars that play the title. Although this time it is a disciplinary action And it could have consequences for Max Verstappen especially.

It all came after yellow flags caused by Pierre Gasly at the end of Q3 for Qatar, moment in which it is necessary to reduce the speed on the track, with greater or lesser haste depending on whether they are single or double flags. And in the case of Verstappen they were doubles, with which he achieved his final lap and second place on the grid. And the regulations are exhaustive: “Any driver passing through a sector with double yellow flags must slow down significantly, it must be clear that they have not tried to set a significant lap time. Any driver in a sector with double yellow flags will have that lap time erased.” Max could yield positions if he does not count the lap, and more if he is salted, although it is not clear if the signal on the steering wheel jumped. Neither he nor Bottas claimed to see anything, although in the images that are being seen there are yellow signs on the track.

Declare at 11 a.m. in Spain, followed by Sainz and Bottas, both for the same, only that neither had double yellow, but simple. Verstappen already lost a pole very similar to that in 2019 in Mexico and Vettel this year in Bahrin they put him five penalties for this same mistake.

If nothing comes of all this, there will still be to see the aftermath on the court of Verstappen not being sanctioned for his defense in Brazil. There was a meeting of pilots, “and everything was clear,” said Max since several rivals value being as tough as him on the track. For Lewis it is the opposite: “No. It is not clear. All the pilots, except Max, only asked for clarity, most of them asked for clarity, but it was not very clear. It is not yet clear what the limits of the runway are. Clearly, it’s not the white line anymore, when overtaking, but … yes, we do. We only ask for consistency. “

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