Tuesday, September 27

Simeone: “This victory is decisive to continue”

Game after stop, more difficult: “We measured ourselves against a team that took refuge well, that does it extraordinarily and that is why they have won a lot of games away. We knew about that situation and we looked for what they saw. Depth, lateral centers , In the first half it cost us to finish the play on the right as well as on the left. We did not have much clear because the rival defended very well. The goal was going to come from an error because they work very well “

Felipe and the goal: “It is important for the team, for him and for his confidence. He has played a lot, we need them all. He makes me happy because with his constitution he has everything. I am very happy for him.”

It costs a lot to win: “It costs a lot because the competition is very competitive. There are not many differences. The Bara from MSN and Madrid from the BBC passed. Now LaLiga is very competitive for everyone.”

Goal relief: “This victory was decisive to continue. I liked that final 1-0 that we achieved it in the end after what happened in Valencia.”

Anxiety until the goal: “I liked the game because we did what we wanted against a team that is a well-enclosed cage. Teams that defend themselves like this have to be with a crner, a shot from medium distance …”

What and what is missing to be the 9 without Surez: “There is competition. He has played and he is a boy who is growing in the minutes he is having.”

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