Wednesday, January 26

Sifu anticipates its launch and is shown in new videos • Console and Dashboard

Sifu it’s news again. Advances when it comes to releases are not common, but occasionally they do happen. This is what happened to this kung-fu action game, which will be ready on February 8 on PC (Epic Games Store) and on PlayStation consoles.


This Sloclap proposal has not only been advanced two weeks (it was scheduled for February 22), but has also published a couple of videos related to its gameplay. Thus, new details of their combat systems are discovered.

Taking as reference the classic kung fu movies, we will get into an action game. It will tell the story of a young student, who has seen how his entire family has been killed at the hands of a mysterious squad. He does not stop training, seeking revenge.

The plot takes place in a fictional Chinese city, halfway between a beat ’em up and the three dimensions of a modern action game. The player will put their skills to the limit, through complicated confrontations. It will be the way to take advantage of all the skills. To overcome adversity, we will have a magic pendant, capable of reviving us with each death. The cost is high, since we grow old each time we return to life.

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