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SEGA clarifies that alliance with Microsoft does not imply exclusives for Xbox | LevelUp

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It was in early November that Microsoft and SEGA confirmed an alliance to make next-gen games leveraging the potential of the Azure cloud. This agreement will allow the Japanese company to use Microsoft technology in the Super Game initiative, which seeks to offer players global and online experiences.

Because of this, many gamers considered the possibility that SEGA could work on possible exclusive games for the Xbox ecosystem or that the games division could immediately benefit from the studio’s franchises.

However, the reality is very different, as SEGA decided to talk about it to make it clear that its agreement with Microsoft is simply on a technological level, so it does not imply or result in exclusive to Xbox.

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SEGA won’t make Xbox exclusives in exchange for cloud technology

At a recent financial meeting, SEGA revealed a few more details about its Super Game initiative and what its strategic alliance with Microsoft entails. The study confirmed that they currently have a close relationship with the company and Xbox.

This since he has collaborated in the development of recent titles of the company, such as Age of Empires IV through Relic Entertainment, for example. Despite this, their technology agreement will not translate into the development of exclusive games for the Xbox ecosystem.

SEGA clarified that, when he talked about his Super Game project, Microsoft was interested in his proposal. This made possible the agreement, which will be based solely on technical support and use of cloud technology.

“When we announced the Super Game concept, Microsoft sympathized with that vision and that brings us to the announcement this time. On this, we are not talking about launching games for Microsoft exclusively, but about developing Super Game that will be delivered to the world together, with its technical support, “the Japanese company clarified.

Yukio Sugino, President and COO of SEGA Corporation, previously explained that Super Game will only be possible thanks to the support and infrastructure of Microsoft. As of this writing, it is unknown how and in which projects the Azure technology will be used.

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