Wednesday, July 6

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: the new rumor is bad news for Samsung’s giant tablet

Around this time last year, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 was fully revealed and available to buy. But its follow-up, the Galaxy Tab S8 is taking a bit longer, with Ice Universe leaking previously. prediciendo It will debut alongside the Galaxy S22 next year.

While previous Samsung Galaxy Tabs have been featured in regular and oversized forms, this year the company is said to be mixing things up with something even bigger. But, according to a new report from Korea, the giant Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra could be extremely difficult to come by in more ways than one.

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Korean blog Naver contains many details in a short post. Essentially, it appears that the production yields of the Tab S8 Ultra will be so low that it will only be released in certain regions and in small quantities. It is also suggested that refills are not guaranteed.

No reason is given for this, so our old friend might recall the global chip shortage, or it might be that the giant 14.6-inch 120Hz OLED screen is difficult to produce in large numbers.

Alternatively, it could be that the margins are so thin that Samsung just isn’t worth dedicating a large amount of production space to the new Android tablet. In other words, it could simply be a desirable marquee product to showcase the company’s prowess, rather than something you necessarily want in every home.

As the name ‘Ultra’ suggests, this version of the Galaxy Tab S8 is configured to offer a host of desirable features and grunt of performance. Alongside the high-spec display, early reports suggest a massive 12GB RAM, 45W charging support, and an included S Pen for scribbling on that giant canvas.

The supposed 14.6-inch screen also means that there is plenty of room for a battery, and it is said to have a 12,000 mAh battery, a big step up from the 8,000 mAh and 10,090 mAh cells found in the Samsung Galaxy Tab. S7 and S7 Plus. , respectively.

Converted price rumors from South Korea point to an expensive device, with the WiFi-only version starting at $ 1,247. That would dwarf the $ 1,099 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which sounds like a bold move, albeit for those who want the extra 1.7 inches of screen, there are very few alternatives.

There is a Samsung Unpacked event on October 20, where the Tab S8 may appear. But with a release not forecast until next year, we wouldn’t bet on it.

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