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Neo and Trinity in Fortnite? They say there will be a crossover with The Matrix | LevelUp

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Epic Games has shown that anything is possible in the world of Fortnite, Battle Royale that has hosted some of the most unexpected and wacky collaborations in the entire industry. It is a fact that the crossovers will not stop, but the big question is knowing which one will be next.

Fortunately, there are already clues about it and it seems that the game will close the year with content from a very popular franchise. We refer to The Matrix, who will return soon thanks to the premiere of his next film that will arrive in December.

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Fortnite: Battle Royale would have a collaboration with The Matrix

The renowned dataminer HYPEX shared on his social networks clues about the alleged content that is on the way to Fortnite. One of his messages excited the community, as he assured that there will be a collaboration with The Matrix.

For now, very little is known about this crossover, but the dataminer mentions the arrival of Neo and Trinity to the Battle Royale. In addition, it ensures that this will happen in the second half of December, which coincides with the launch of The Matrix Resurrections.

Everything indicates that it is a matter of time for this collaboration to become a reality. The reason? The information was revealed by a source who also assured that there would soon be content related to a fashion brand.

This was confirmed yesterday, as a thematic collaboration with the Moncler brand was revealed. Thus, it appears that the information on The Matrix it is also legitimate. Despite this, there are no official clues, so for now we have to take it as one more rumor.

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