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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition would come to Xbox Game Pass according to this track | LevelUp

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The players enthusiastically received Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, a collection that brings together the famous BioWare trilogy with multiple improvements. If you are a fan of the saga, but have not been able to enjoy its new versions, we have news that will probably interest you.

According to a recent clue, there is a possibility that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition join Xbox Game Pass. If this happens, it would be part of the EA Play catalog, so it would be available to users of the UIltimate service.

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¿Mass Effect: Legendary Edition llegará a Xbox Game Pass?

Players can now enjoy the original versions of the installments of Mass Effect from Xbox Game Pass. However, the official Xbox site gave a hint about the possible arrival of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition service.

It all started when the Polish media XGP (via Video Games Chronicle) found that your country’s service page showed the cover of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition with the Xbox Game Pass seal.

As of this writing, the game can still be found with the service’s branding, so some players think an announcement is imminent. On the other hand, a possible error is not ruled out, as the information is not displayed on the Xbox Game Pass page of other regions.

That said, it’s best to wait for Xbox to confirm or deny the information. There have been some errors related to service announcements in the past, so we recommend that you keep your expectations low. Below you can see an image showing the track:

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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition debuted on May 14 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. Look for more news about the saga and its new installment at this link.

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