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Hunt: Showdown will have a television series and will be live-action | LevelUp

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One of Crytek’s most recent projects is Hunt: Showdown, an FPS game set in the late 19th century and involving humans and monsters. Well, the interesting proposal will be adapted to a television series.

The Crytek franchise will come to the small screen with the help of Binge, a new streaming service, which has just made a partnership with the German video game company.

This agreement will allow portraying Hunt: Showdown in a live-action series that will air through Binge, which will be available sometime in 2022, will be free and will offer content that can be tuned through TV, PC, mobile and video game consoles. We remind you that another series that will be borne by Binge is that of System Shock.

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What is it Hunt: Showdown?

In case you don’t know Hunt: Showdown, let us inform you that this first-person shooter title takes place in 19th century Louisiana. Here players assume the role of bounty hunters who accept contracts to hunt monsters and get money, but not only have to fulfill the mission of hunting the creature, but also have to take care of other bounty hunters, as they can steal the prize.

Those in charge of the adaptation will be Avni Yerli, Faruk Yerli and Pascal Tonecker, Crytek creatives who have been involved in the franchise. According to Yerli, Crytek has always known that it would look great as a live-action series, as “it has a dark, dirty and immersive universe, and there is a lot of potential for many great stories to tell.”

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For their part, Binge producers Vincent Talenti and Allan Ungar expressed that they are excited to bring viewers and fans to the universe of Hunt: Showdown in the real world, and Ungar anticipated that this project will be “the first of many collaborations with Crytek.”

No more details of this adaptation or tentative release date were offered beyond that the service (but nothing was specified about the series) will be available in 2022 and an announcement image of the collaboration.

Image: Crytek

Did you ever hope to see the world of Hunt: Showdown come to life in the form of a TV series? Tell us in the comments.

Hunt: Showdown is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can also play it on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S through backward compatibility. On this page you will find more news related to him and on this other you can check our written review.

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