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How to become anonymous on Facebook

Knowing how to become anonymous on Facebook will help protect your privacy from strangers and annoying acquaintances, while allowing you to see what your friends are up to.

For example, you can change the name that is displayed on your profile. You can also lock your privacy settings to prevent other Facebook users from tagging you in photos, adding you as a friend, viewing your profile, or sending you messages.

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This means that you can use the social network in relative peace, without constant notifications and without strangers, distant acquaintances, or old friends to pester or spy on you.

The problem with changing your name is that the Facebook naming policy it requires you to use “the name your friends call you in everyday life.” If Facebook detects that you are using a false name, your account could be suspended or deleted.

However, considering the number of fake profiles on Facebook, many people seem to get away with it, so you may consider using a worthwhile fake or altered name to ensure your anonymity.

Changing your Facebook name is not illegal, but it is intended for users who have changed their name due to marriage, divorce, or gender reassignment, and those who have legally changed their names.

With that caveat in mind, here is how to become anonymous by changing your name and privacy settings on Facebook.

How to become anonymous on Facebook: change your name

1. Click the down arrow in the upper right corner of the Facebook website. Select Settings and privacy, later click Settings in the menu that opens.

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2. On the General Account Settings page, click the Edit button next to your name. Here you can type in a pseudonym to use in place of your real name, although, as explained above, this is technically against Facebook’s rules.

If Facebook suspects that you are trying to change to a false name, it may reject your request or ask you to provide identification to show that you have legally changed your name.

On the same page, you can also change the “Custom URL” for your Facebook username to match your new name.

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3. Click Review Change. to choose how your name will appear on your profile. Enter your Facebook password to confirm and then click save changes.

Please note that you you will not be able to change your name again for 60 days, so don’t continue unless you are sure you want to stick with your new nickname.

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4. Then go to your profile page and click the camera button on your profile picture to change the image. After all, why bother changing your name if people can still see your face?

To protect your anonymity, you can upload a photo of a pet, object, landscape, or something even more nondescript. You have to use something although.

How to become anonymous on Facebook: change your privacy settings

1. Go back to Settings on the Facebook website and select the Privacy tab on the left. This section is very important for changing who can see your posts, send you friend requests, and how other search engines display your profile.

Change “Who can see your future posts” for “Just me” and “Who can send friend requests” for “Friends of friends.”

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2. Select “Profile and labeling”. in the menu on the left. This will prevent other people from tagging you in photos and places so your boss can’t see what you were doing during the big party last weekend.

Change “Who can post to your profile” and “Who can see the posts you are tagged in on your profile” to “Only me”.

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3. Finally, select the Lock tab in the left column. Enter the names of the Facebook users you want to block at “Block users’ box.

This will help prevent cyberbullying by completely restricting or blocking specific people from viewing your profile, tagging you, adding you as a friend, or sending you messages.

You can also prevent people from contacting you on Facebook Messenger by typing their names in the Box Ā«Block messagesĀ». If you change your mind later, just click Unlock.

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