Tuesday, September 27

Halo Infinite: Campaign Resolution and Performance on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

Halo Infinite launch your campaign next December 8 (in fact, the game is already Gold, that is, a final version has already been sent and will be updated later). The media and some content creators have been able to access the first four missions of the campaign, as has been our case, and among those headers are experts in technical analysis from Digital Foundry, which demonstrate that the tested preliminary version has a Flawless performance and resolution on Xbox Series X, but what in Xbox Series S quite a few concessions are made.

In the 20 minute video inserted below (you can also read the text version here), explain that the version of Xbox Series X works in mode quality at 4K dynamic resolution at 60 frames per second quite stable. In the mode performance, the resolution drops down to 1080p, but targeting 120 fps (It ranges from 100 to 110 fps most of the time, which shouldn’t be a problem on a VRR display.)

Xbox Series S, below Full HD in performance mode

However, for the version of Xbox Series S more concessions are made than usual, especially when compared to other Xbox Game Studios games such as the recent Forza Horizon 5 O Microsoft Flight Simulator. The mode quality runs at 1080p with a fluency of 30 fps. The mode performance runs at 60fps mostly stable, but with resolucin dinmica 1080p (that is, it can go down from Full HD in heavily loaded scenes). Again, this is a let the preliminar, so this may change for the final game. Optimization is one of the last processes carried out in video game development.

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The free multiplayer from Halo Infinite It is now available in beta for Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC.


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