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GTA: The Trilogy: Definitive Edition receives patch 1.02 fixing dozens of bugs

Rockstar Games has published the update 1.02 for Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, and Xbox One just hours after promising to fix the remakes. Most of the changes are intended to fix location, graphics, control, with menus, sound and more in all three games, but for each of the titles there is a string of bug fixes that impede progress or affect the game.

Thus, for the compilation in general the solution of “multiple cases” in which they are created holes in the map, in which the collision system does not work, in which incorrect textures are shown, in which the camera passes through objects, in which the tutorials show incorrect messages, in which the items displayed in a scene are not suitable, in which the cinematic scenes show erratic character models and in which the dialogues are repeated, appear later, or are omitted altogether.

As for the games specifically, both in GTA 3 like in Vice City and San Andreas many have been fixed errors related to minor characters dying suddenly in a mission forcing to repeat it, or of cases in which the GPS does not show the correct route (or shows several) to the mission, with scenes cinematic where animation fails and much more that you can consult in the patch notes (in English right now, but will be translated later).

Going into detail, the players of Vice City on Xbox consoles they will no longer see messages that warn of the lack of video memory; while those of Nintendo Switch they will no longer have to select the language after restart the program will not even see how the game closes suddenly when switching from TV mode to laptop mode during a loading screen. From San Andreas, on Xbox a bug with the toe of NPCs with weapons has been fixed and on all platforms it has been fixed “a problem with the visual effects of the rain”.

Rockstar: “They weren’t released in a state that met our own quality standards”

“Updated versions of these classics were not released in a state that reached our own quality standards or that of our fans“Rockstar Games said Friday in a statement apologizing to the players.” We have plans to solve all your technical problems and improve each of the games. With each planned update, the games they will achieve the level of quality they deserve“.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition It launched on all platforms (except mobile devices, where it will be available in 2022) on November 11. That same day, remake from GTA: San Andreas was included in Xbox Game Pass for console. The remake from Vice City will be included in PlayStation Now on December 7, when the game will also be released in physical format for consoles.

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