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Genshin Impact: KFC gliders will cost $ 10 USD and cause controversy | LevelUp

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In March, Genshin Impact carried out a collaboration with the fast food chain KFC, which allowed players to obtain an exclusive glider when shopping at restaurants and redeeming a special code. At the time, the promotion was exclusive to China, but this month fans around the world will finally be able to get their hands on the glider. However, the way to achieve this caused the displeasure of the community.

In a post on its official forum, miHoYo announced that from November 25 to December 8, players will have the opportunity to get the Wings of Feasting glider and other rewards if they subscribe to a channel for 2 months. Twitch participant.

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In theory, this event seeks to reward content creators of Genshin Impact and in the process getting players rewarded for helping their favorite streamers. However, it caused controversy in a sector of the community.

Streamers and gamers are not happy with the Genshin Impact event

For starters, users claim that the rewards are very expensive. On Twitch, the tier 1 subscription costs $ 5 USD, so it is necessary to pay a minimum of $ 10 USD to get the items in the game. In addition to this, we must remember that prices are different in each region.

Some players also explained that instead of having to subscribe to a Twitch channel, they prefer to buy something they can at least eat to get the Wings of Feasting glider.

On the other hand, the biggest controversy is on the side of the content creators. What happens is that the promotion will only be valid if users subscribe to certain channels.

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Once miHoYo revealed the event, TecTone, a popular streamer who has more than 560,000 subscribers on YouTube and 715,000 followers on Twitch, took to his social networks to explain that some content creators declined to be part of the collaboration due to some conditions imposed by the studio responsible for the gacha.

According to TecTone, participating streamers will not be able to accept other sponsorships and will have an obligation to broadcast exclusively Genshin Impact during the period of the event. Likewise, they are prohibited from speaking negatively about the video game. If these restrictions are real, we can see why some content creators chose not to participate.

But tell us, what do you think of this controversy? Let us read you in the comments.

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