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Delirium Games will publish Dice Throne in Spanish • Console and Board

Dice Throne It will have a Spanish edition in mid-2022, by the hand of Delirium Games. This is announced by the publisher itself, who will publish the first season of the saga, with its two boxes.


Dice Throne It is a board game of 2 to 6 participants, indicated from 8 years. Turned into powerful heroes, we will compete in games lasting 20 to 30 minutes. It bears the signatures of Nate Chatellier and Manny Trembley, with Manny Trembley in charge of illustrations.

Pending its release, Delirium Games shares the details of the saga. It emphasizes its combat system, “agile and exciting”, carried out using dice and cards. The battles will take place between one against one and two against two. If 6 people participate, they can be executed in three groups of two.

Each player will have their own deck of cards, taking advantage of the asymmetry provided by characters with different fighting styles and personalities, reflected on their skill board. “Understanding the philosophy of each hero and their role is essential in the management of resources,” the publisher advances.

Through constant management, will manipulate the dice in search of combinations that cause the most damage to the enemy. During the attack, five dice will be rolled. We will have available the combat points marked on the dial, as a currency.

With them, we will play cards with which to re-roll or modify results. The winner will be the first to destroy the opponent’s life points. We must bear in mind that we start with 50 points.

This edition in Spanish is the result of an agreement between Delirium Games and Roxley. They define the rules as simple and addictive, based on risk, management and decision making. The influence of Magic The Gathering it is more than present.

In the first box, Barbarian and Moon Elf grant a low difficulty level. Monk and Paladin, from the second box, will cover the needs of regular and expert players.

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