Thursday, May 26

Battlefield 2042 launches on Steam to ‘mostly negative’ reviews

Battlefield 2042 they officially premiere this friday November 19th on Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC following a release on early access available to those players who purchased the Gold Edition or the Ultimate Edition, or were subscribed to EA Play.

During that previous access, fans of the saga have complained of errors and the absence of content and functions present in previous installments of the series. Now, after the official launch, the criticisms materialize in the general reviews of Steam, which can only be left by those who have bought and played the game for a while. So far they have left 22,837 “mostly negative” reviews. Only 24% of player reviews are positive.

Complaints from fans of Battlefield

How do they pick up from PC Gamer, most critics focus on design decisions that players perceive as lack of functions: the absence of a traditional scoring table, the blur in the scope on the assault rifles, the substitution of classes by Specialists (characters similar to the series Operators Call of Duty), the lack of a traditional server browser, no thermal sights and others.

At subreddit dedicated to Battlefield 2042, the second Most voted publication (with 20,300 votes) is a screenshot of the game listing on Steam with negative reviews. The title of the post is: “The killing has begun”. Above, with 21,800 votes, is a publication that lists “everything they have removed or reduced from previous games in 2042., where the absence of campaign is mentioned, the fewer vehicles, fewer customization options and the supposed worst sound quality.

On our analysis of the PC version, our partner Sal Gonzlez said that “it is a compliant game that will be enjoyable for lovers of the saga but that needs more time to be able to exploit its full potential which, to this day, is far from its best “.” We have no doubt that Battlefield 2042 is coming out sooner than it should. […] We are sure that as the weeks and months go by the quality of the title will increase“.

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