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WWE 2K22 is a reality and here is his new advance | LevelUp

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After the disaster that was WWE 2K20 it was a fact that the franchise had lost its way and its formula had worn out. The blow was such that there was no WWE 2K21, also caused by the pandemic, and Visual Concepts had to fall back to revive the IP. Time has passed and we know that WWE 2K22 It is a reality, but apparently it will be a new beginning for the franchise as most of its sections will be renewed.

WWE 2K22 it could be a new start in franchise history

2K Sports and Visual Concepts unveiled the new teaser trailer for WWE 2K22, game that will debut in March 2022, and the development team revealed that there are many new features on the way. According to the official information, WWE 2K22 will see a makeover in terms of its gameplay and animation engine to deliver an unprecedented level of realism. In the same way, the controls have been updated to ensure that the players have full control of each movement of the fighters, offering simple options but also for those who seek the perfection of each stroke and key.

On the other hand, WWE 2K22 It will take the franchise to a new level in visual terms, as in addition to being a title that will take advantage of the power of the new generation of consoles, it will offer immersive camera angles so that the TV-type or ring-goer experience is of the best quality.

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In addition, WWE 2K22 promises changes and adjustments in its game modes for those who prefer traditional experiences and that is part of the offer of 2K Sports sports games, including a Career Mode where you can create your fighter and take him to the top.

Finally, Visual Concepts informed that we will know more details about WWE 2K22 in January 2022.

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