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Valdano: “Xavi is the right man, we need to know if he arrives at the right time”

Jorge Valdano, former Argentine player and coach, is now an ambassador of Oxygen, a new digital training platform for the sports industry. Here, Valdano teaches a course on the end of the professional athlete’s career with which he wants to help those “who are abandoned by sport” to find a new vocation. This training will be part of a new program that will offer LaLiga espaola to the players of their clubs.

From here, the former Managing Director of Real Madrid addresses in an extensive conversation with EFE your views on the football industry, the arrival of Xavi al Bara, the explosion of Vinicius and the state of form of Messi, among other topics.

Xavi and Barcelona

“Each club has a uniqueness and Barcelona is one of the few clubs that needs to rely on an idea to come back. And the idea is Xavi’s. So he is the just man. We only need to know if it arrives at the right time. There is no doubt that he will have a tough road: players who are too young, players who are too veteran, a delicate economic situation that does not allow going to the market … but the advantage he has is that he will be able to represent that idea that Barcelona wants to follow “.

Vincius’ three lessons in football

“One lesson is even for professionals, not even for young people who intend to be footballers in the future: that hereaching the highest level, you can continue learning. The second lesson is that you can continue learning everything, even a subject as particular as goal scorer, that of scoring goals, which gives the feeling that it is a gift that is brought from the cradle. In any case, the gifts that are brought from the crib can be improved along the way.

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The third lesson of the evolution of Vinicius has to do with his style of play. “The determined player, brave to make mistakes and keep insisting, is the player who makes his way. Talent we have always known that by itself it is not enough to conquer all space, it needs effort, but it also needs a purely psychological virtue, which is the decision. That of a guy who makes a mistake, heals immediately and the next play goes with the same faith to search, to repeat the mistake if necessary. We had seen that in Ral, who had brought it from the first hour and now, to some extent, we are seeing it in Vinicius “.

Messi and Argentina

“The first months of Messi at Leave Saint-Germain French has to be seen as an adaptation process. He is still the genius of always. With his selection we see him cry, that is very good for health, even for football. It gives the feeling that it is related in another way with the Argentina jersey, something that for him was critical. The Argentine team has ended up creating a group where it also feels really important, because it is. “

A World Cup every two years

“To me these things seem crazy and that some well-known football players participate in all this to give moral credibility to the project seems doubly serious, because I see them as accomplices of something crazy. MundialAmong other things, it has the prestige it has because it is something exceptional. If we make it routine, we will no longer even retain the sequence in memory.. I have my life ordered by World Cups: Brazil 70, Germany 74, Argentina 78, Spain 82 and so on. Well, that magic can be ended with this tight accelerator that we are hitting football. “

I have my life ordered by World Cups, we cannot make it routine

Jorge Valdano


I don’t think it will reappear in the same way, I think it has a big interference, which is the Premier LeagueIt will be very difficult for them to join a project of these characteristics and it will be very difficult for the Super League to exist without them joining. But I know we’ll see in the future. “

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