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They reveal that Nintendo of America did not like the Indigo GameCube | LevelUp

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One of the consoles that best remembers a large base of Nintendo fans is the GameCube, a system that this month celebrated 20 years since its launch and that stood out for its curious cube shape and its peculiar purple tone. However, it was just announced that the company’s offices in the United States did not agree with that color.

The Nintendo GameCube launched in November 2001 and brought with it games that to this day are still loved by fans. In its catalog we could see titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, Metroid Prime and Super Smash Bros. Meele, which helped sell 21 million units worldwide.

Although nothing was claimed in terms of power, it seems that Nintendo had a difference of opinion in its color, since the Japanese headquarters were sure to launch it in purple (or indigo), while in the West they did not believe that. it was a good idea.

The GameCube surprised everyone with its color

This situation was shared by the former vice president of marketing and corporate affairs at Nintendo, Perrin Kaplan, who had an interview with the medium VGC where he spoke about it:

“We suggested that purple was not the best (color) to start with and (in Japan) they said ‘no, let’s use that one.’ Then we pushed for black and silver, because I think nobody in America had ever used purple before, “said Nintendo’s extra bass player.

In addition, he commented that during his presentation they were very nervous because they believed that they would get bad comments simply because of the color:

“It wasn’t that you couldn’t get hardware that was a different color, it was just a very… feminine color. It just didn’t feel masculine, I think. I remember we were very nervous at E3 because we were going to get bad press just because of the color.” .

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On the other hand, the former director of corporate communications for Nintendo of America, Beth Llewelyn, recalled that the tone did not help them much at that time in the battle against Sony and Microsoft:

“Choosing your color these days is like making a statement. But back then all game systems were black … even white hadn’t been used much. Nintendo was never a technology story, but we were always fighting what our competitors at Sony and Microsoft were doing from a public relations perspective, and having this purple box didn’t help us much on that. “

It is worth mentioning that in the end the Nintendo GameCube offered different colors, the main ones being indigo, black, orange and silver, so all users could find the one of their preference.

Do you think the color of the GameCube played a role in its final sales? Let us know in the comments.

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