Monday, August 8

The Frankenstein-style Game Boy mods that won’t let you sleep

The console modifications are very popular within the gaming community who, in addition to being skilled with videogames, are also skilled at creating all kinds of creations worthy of a Frankenstein movie. In Vandal we have seen everything: from a Nintendo 64 transformed into a functional Switch, going through the interior of a GameCube converted into a desktop PC, to miniature consoles that serve as a keychain and crazier creations like a Game Boy Advance SP converted into a dock. From Nintendo Life have shared a compilation of the most bizarre modifications ever made to a Game Boy.

@haihaisb Dmg105z yes it has 3 screens 😜 #fyp #gameboy ♬ Super Mario Bros. – Underwater Theme – 8-Bit Arcade

We thought we had seen it all, but we were hugely wrong. Among all the modifications that we have been reporting to you over the months, These take the cake in terms of rarity and, why not say it, ugliness. HaihaiSB, the author of these strange modifications, has decided to convert a Conventional classic Game Boy in a hybrid with a Nintendo DS capable of playing Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo DS games. Of course, its design is not the most aesthetic in the world, although at the level of functionality it turns out to be very useful. The resulting Frankenstein receives the DMG-105Z name because it uses the original Game Boy DMG-01 model as a base.

Other more striking and beautiful modifications

As with the original Nintendo DS, the two additional screens can be folded to be able to transport the device much more comfortably. The creator of this curious Game Boy hybrid is perfectly aware of how strange his creation is; in the same video he jokes that when all three screens are extended, the console goes into “Cursed Boy” mode. It is fair to say that this is not the only modification the user has made: if you find this modified console unattractive, take a look at other much more beautiful and inspired modifications. Among them we find a Pokdex reconverted into Game Boy or a Nintendo DS decorated with motifs of The Legend of Zelda whose top screen is that of a GB Advance SP.

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