Sunday, January 23

Sky Fleet, floating islands on PC and Switch • Console and Dashboard

Sky Fleet It already has an arrival date for Windows, Mac, Linux and Nintendo Switch. It will be on December 17 when it will be released on these platforms, by the hand of Enno Games and Freedom Games.


This proposal will take us to the skies, with a clear objective: to stop a huge fleet of evil drones. It will be the way to save our sacred floating islands, victims of the siege.

We will have the power to pilot our own airship to protect the ecosystem. The attacks will depend, in a direct way, on the construction of extractors (to obtain resources) and the power generators in operation.

No less important will be the commitment to farms, with which to feed the pilots. Turrets will be the main weapon when defending mining operations. Some of the action is shown in the trailer that accompanies this announcement.

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