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People’s Army, the difficulty of logistics in the civil war

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People’s Army is the title of the new board game from Headquarter Games publisher. Designed by Miguel Santacruz, the title will seek the necessary funding to become a reality at Verkami.

People’s Army is a board game designed for 2 to 4 players, with a recommended age from 12 years, and with games of a variable duration ranging between 60 and 120 minutes.

Players take on the role of a Republican agent during the Spanish Civil War. Your objective is to obtain weapons in the Black Market or in the USSR with the limited resources you have and with these weapons form battalions that the battle card that is in play demands.

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The behavior of these battalions in combat and the achievements of the agents earn Victory Points. The game is divided into Battles and each battle takes several turns. There are Help cards that facilitate your actions and also annoy the other players.

People’s Army, get your troops to match whatever

Each player receives several Action Points, Trading Points, money, and two help cards at the start of each battle.

The battle can last 4 or 5 turns, so during those turns the players must move their agent around the board spending their Points and money in the different spaces of the to obtain weapons, recruits and uniforms to build a battalion or to send weapons to the High Command. These actions give us victory points and, at the end of the last battle card, the player with the most points will be the winner of the game.

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Cover of the board game People's Army

People’s Army is designed by Miguel Santa Cruz, creator of Libertad o Muerte and one of those responsible for Headquarter Games, publisher that has launched World at War Europe.

People’s Army will seek the necessary funding to become a reality in a crowdfunding campaign on Verkami. The basic contributions and the exact date of the launch are not yet known, although it will be at the end of November, beginning of December. You can subscribe to the preview of the campaign in the following link

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