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Organization that supports women in computing breaks ties with Activision after scandal | LevelUp

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The controversy continues to revolve around Activison Blizzard. Although months had passed since the last scandal, a new report rekindled criticism and reached new levels, involving the company’s top manager, Bobby Kotick. Well, after the bad image that the company continues to project, a group that promotes programming among women has just announced that it will cease to be its partner.

The specific organization is Girls Who Code, which motivates women to participate in the field of computer science through workshops and more programs. The non-profit organization announced that, following the new Activision Blizzard scandal, it will cease to be its partner; It will therefore end a relationship that began in 2018.

Girls Who Code reaffirms in its statement that its priority is to provide support and stability that young women need to pursue their careers in computer science. That said, the new Activision Blizzard scandal (involving harassment and misbehavior against women in particular) proves that the company’s situation does not match those of the organization, reason enough for which the organization decided to end their relationship. .

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Management actions continue to give Activision Blizzard a bad name

The organization explains that it only collaborates with companies that are willing to “have tough discussions about how sexism, racism, discrimination and systemic harassment have impacted on the company’s practices and its work culture.” It is expressed that the organization supports its members when they have failed in these goals, but works with them to reach them. “However, there is a line, and the allegations against Activision have crossed that line,” says Girls Who Code.

In the letter the organization also condemned the toxic corporate culture that allows predators to go about their business and harm other people and get away with it with impunity: “Fighting for diversity in the tech industry should be more than just cover a fee, “said the organization.

Girls Who Code mentioned that it will continue to work true to its ideals in order to eliminate the gender gap in the industry while motivating its partners to make a change and expressed its support to all the people who shared their experience in related to the Activision Blizzard case and those that were affected.

The Girls Who Code decision came shortly after Activision’s main partners Xbox and PlayStation criticized its actions in this case.

In case you missed it: More than 100 employees have already signed a letter calling for Bobby Kotick’s resignation.

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