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No more delays! Halo Infinite is ready to debut on December 8 | LevelUp

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Halo Infinite It is one of the most anticipated releases in recent years. This is why many will be delighted to hear that after a long wait and a long wait, the new 343 Industries release is now ready to debut.

Through social media, 343 Industries ad that Halo Infinite It has already reached its Gold phase of development. This means that the new adventure of the Master Chief is already ready to debut and that it does not seem that anything can prevent it from debuting on December 8.

“¡Halo Infinite officially reached its Gold phase! See you on December 8, Spartans, ”343 Industries commented on his Twitter account.

In other news

It is important to make clear that this does not mean that 343 Industries will no longer be working in Halo Infinite. Surely the studio will spend the next few weeks polishing the game for a potential Day 1 patch. In addition, they continue to release content for their multiplayer mode and hopefully they are also putting the batteries to deal with the cheaters.

So what Halo Infinite either Gold means that it is in a state where it is ready for the discs of its physical version to start being produced and distributed.

Halo Infinite is in development for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC. We remind you that its release date is next December 8. You can learn more about this long-awaited FPS from 343 Industries by clicking here.

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