Thursday, December 8

Loop Hero confirms its date on Nintendo Switch • Console and Dashboard

Loop Hero will meet the deadlines set for its arrival on Nintendo Switch. It will be on December 9 when it opens on the console, as revealed by Four Quarters and Devolver Digital. It is remembered as already available on Windows, Mac and Linux.


Retrieve powerful items and equip each hero with them. It is one of the missions on which this dark adventure revolves, which plunges us into a world dominated by chaos. The current situation is the consequence of a loop that seems to have no end.

Through the mystical cards, the terrain, buildings and enemies will be represented. Our heroes will face each other in intense battles, which will lead to the unlocking of new classes, cards and advantages. Homework? End the eternal cycle of despair that the loop causes.

Before each expedition, we will have the possibility to choose the cards that make up the deck, as well as the classes of unlockable characters, guaranteeing different games from each other. The strategic planning in combat it promises to be essential for success, seeking survival and valuable treasures.

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