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Impressive! Halo Infinite Hidden Messages Revealed on Xbox Series X | LevelUp

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For a few days, many players received their Xbox Series X special edition of Halo Infinite, a console that celebrates the arrival of the long-awaited installment starring Master Chief, but also honors the brand’s 20 years. We tell you this because in addition to its great design and color combination, this Xbox Series X hides some Easter eggs that are blowing the heads of fans.

Xbox included some fantastic details on its special edition consoles from Halo

If you are one of the lucky owners of an Xbox Series X of Halo Infinite You should know that you have in your hands not only a powerful console with a great design, but also a piece that brings together some symbols of what this adventure of Microsoft’s games division has been in video games, where it has been accompanied by Halo. In particular, to pay tribute to one of its iconic franchises, Xbox included some secrets in the console, the Elite 2 controller and in the multiplayer of Halo Infinite.

As Tom Warren points out from The Verge, the Xbox Series X of Halo Infinite It has the Zeta Halo symbol on one side, which can be seen in ultraviolet light.

Xbox Series X and Halo in all their glory

Likewise, the special edition Xbox Elite 2 controller from Halo Infinite hides another secret, in this case in its box, because when passed through ultraviolet light it will throw the silhouette of the first Xbox controller, the famous Duke.

Finally, it was confirmed that the Xbox Elite 2 controller from Halo Infinite It includes a code to download and add a small virtual keychain to the weapons you carry in the multiplayer of the title, which has already been available for a day and that you can get for Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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What do you think of these details of the 20 years of Xbox and the debut of Halo Infinite?

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