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How to Make Instagram Highlight Covers in 3 Easy Steps

For those with personal Instagram accounts, Instagram Highlights are today’s scrapbooks, providing a clean way to categorize virtually all of the precious moments shared in your Stories.

Creators and influencers, on the other hand, use Highlights to present specific topics or themes that they often share with their online audience. For example, they can break down skincare tips or share photoshoot ideas in one easy-to-find place on their profile.

Regardless of how you use your Instagram Highlights, they are a great way to display a wide variety of what makes you or your personal brand unique. But if you want to take a step beyond simply selecting a collection of photos and videos, the next step is to choose a specifically designed Instagram Highlight cover.

In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about Instagram Story Featured Icons and how to create them.

Step 1. Plan Your Highlight Covers

Before you start scrolling through the Story Archive, it’s critical to first plan what you want your Highlight covers to be. That way, you can select your personal collections based on your featured theme.

For example, if your content is focused on travel, you might want to rank your highlights based on specific vacation types or locations. Creating a plan first will make selecting the highlights (and their covers) a lot easier.

Matches the aesthetics of your account

When planning your Highlight covers, consider the aesthetics of your profile. If your photos and content are edited to be airy and minimal, a bright and vibrant Highlight cover will look awkward. If you’re using white borders on your Instagram photos, consider a nod to that topic on your featured covers. Staying consistent with the overall theme of your profile is a great way to communicate your personal brand to new followers. And if you haven’t established your aesthetic yet, choosing Highlight covers is a great way to start solidifying it.

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For example, blogger @paytonsartain He plays on the neutral colors often found in his photos, using tones similar to the Highlight covers. And photographer @kileyshaiphotography he does the same, with the colors of his ocean shots reflecting his choice of Highlight covers.

Make sure the cover reflects what is at the highlight.

This may go without saying, but it’s a good reminder anyway – make sure the cover you choose reflects what’s inside the Highlight.

Now if you go with a basic color scheme cover this point doesn’t apply, just make sure the Highlight name is clear, concise, and straightforward. But if you are using an icon or cover with a design, it must accurately reflect the content. Using an airplane icon to highlight your vacation or a camera icon for your photography tips will make a lot more sense than using a graphic that doesn’t represent what’s inside.

Use icons

Probably the most popular way to create Instagram Highlights is to use a graphic or icon that represents what’s inside. We’ll go into detail on how to do this in the next section, but it’s a great way to show what your profile is about.

For example, life coach and enneagram teacher. neenneagramashton has created number icons for its covers to display the content it creates for each specific enneagram type. Meanwhile, digital creator @chelseaasoflat keeps the same sunset-colored background behind all of her Instagram Highlight covers, which include everything from photography tips to cheap deals.

Keep your covers similar

Part of matching your profile aesthetics is making sure your Highlight covers are similar in some way. You can do this by keeping them all within one color palette or by using the same background behind different graphics.

If you don’t, your profile will look messy and chaotic, which could work if a cluttered and chaotic feel matches your brand. But for a more curated profile, make sure your Highlights match.

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Step 2. Design the Featured Instagram Story Icons

Now that we’ve covered some of our top tips for planning your Instagram Highlight covers, it’s time to make them!

Fortunately, creating covers is much easier than it sounds. You don’t need expert design skills or expensive computer software to make your Highlights shine, just a little time and a free third-party tool.

How to Make Instagram Featured Covers with Canva

When it comes to designing Instagram Highlight covers, Canva it is the most popular tool available. Canva, which can be used for free on the desktop and can be downloaded as an app on your iPhone, offers hundreds of templates to be used as is or modified for customization.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Open the Canva app.
  2. If you already have an account, please log in. Otherwise, sign up and create one.
  3. Select “Instagram Story” in the “Create a layout” tab.
  4. Scroll through the designs until you find one you like. You can also type “Featured Instagram Cover” in the search bar.
  5. Select the design that you like the most.
  6. Touch the design to change the color and text or to add other graphics.
  7. When you’ve finished your design, hit the share button at the top right of the screen.
  8. Select “Save as image”.

And you are ready! From there, your design will be saved to your Camera Roll, where you can upload it to your Highlights. Repeat the steps above to create additional cover images.

How to Design Featured Icons with Story Highlight Cover Maker

Another fun (and free) app to use is Story highlight cover maker. With hundreds of icons to choose from, this application allows you to design your cover practically from scratch. You can even choose your own photos to use as a background and add text.

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The app is free to download and comes with an icon pack. Additional icon packs are available for purchase.

Here’s how to create a Highlight cover with Story Highlight Cover Maker:

  1. Abre Story Highlight Cover Maker.
  2. Select your background.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Choose the opacity level of the inner circle and its color (if you want it to be different from the background color).
  5. Click Next.
  6. Scroll and select your icon or text.
  7. Press Export.

After following these steps, your newly designed cover will be available on your Camera Roll.

How big should Instagram Highlight covers be?

While the tools mentioned above will automatically resize the Instagram Highlight cover to fit the application’s requirements, you can create covers elsewhere as well. If you do, make sure they are 1080 x 1920 pixels.

Step 3. Add Custom Covers to Your Instagram Highlights

Now is the time to put it all together. In this section, we’ll go over the easy steps to add your newly created cover photo to your Instagram Highlights.

In recent years, Instagram has made adding a cover photo to a Highlight easier than ever. After creating your Highlight, follow the steps below:

1. Open the Instagram application.
2. Press the profile image button in the lower right corner of the page.
3. Select the featured item you want to update.
4. Press the More button in the lower right corner of the page.
5. Select Edit Highlight.
6. Select Edit Cover.
7. Scroll left and press the image button.
8. Scroll to find your new cover design and select it.
9. Press Done.

Instagram Highlights are a great way to show who you are and what your profile is about. And adding a cover photo will help followers navigate to the exact content they’re looking for on your page.

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