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Happy 20 years, Nintendo GameCube! | LevelUp

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Today is a holiday for Nintendo fans as one of their consoles is celebrating 2 decades. We refer to the North American launch of the Nintendo GameCube, which took place on November 18, 2001 with the Japanese company trying to regain the top through a renewed proposal that welcomed the 21st century and changes in the industry.

Nintendo entered the 21st century with major changes

On a day like today, but 2001, the Nintendo GameCube saw the light in North America leaving behind the years of ups and downs of the Nintendo 64 and showing changes and adaptations necessary for the company’s gaming offering to remain current. The GameCube was the first Nintendo console to bet on the optical format in the global market and directly on the console and not as an accessory. In this case, the company opted for the miniDVD and a design that presented the console as a small box, following the idea that Nintendo makes electronic toys.

20 years of the Nintendo GameCube

In terms of hardware, the GameCube had IBM technology in its 32-bit CPU called “Gekko” in conjunction with the graphics processing work initiated by ArtX that would later be bought by ATI and from which the Flipper GPU resulted, in honor to the code name of the Project Dolphin console, which operated at 162 MHz and had 3 MB of 1T-SRAM.

The GameCube tried to conquer the public with a varied offer of games

Through an advertising campaign designed for North America, the GameCube sought to regain the ground it had lost at the hands of PlayStation and part of its strategy focused on achieving some exclusivities, such as the remake of Resident Evil and an offer of Capcom titles that years later would reach other consoles.

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As for its First-Party offering, the GameCube showed off with games like Luigi’s Mansion ―In fact, it was a debut game for the console that for the first time did not have a title starring Super Mario at launch― Super Samash Bros. Melee, Pikmin, Star Fox Adventures, Super Mario Sunshine, Eterenal Darkness, Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Mario Kart: Double Dash, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and it is even considered the console to really play on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

El polémico Zelda: The Wind Waker
El polémico Zelda: The Wind Waker

Thanks to the decision to use discs instead of cartridges, Nintendo closed the gap that had formed between the company and third-party studios, so that many of the games of those years also came out on the GameCube and it was common to see versions for this console, as well as for PS2 and Xbox.

On the other hand, the GameCube featured products that stood out in its scene, such as the WaveBird wireless controller, considered one of the best of its kind. In the same way, the console expanded its range of games with the Game Boy Player, a device that was placed on the base and allowed to play all the games on the portable console. Also, Nintendo thought about different forms of interaction between the GameCube and the Game Boy Advance through the Link cable.

At the end of its cycle, 2007, the Nintendo GameCube sold 22 million units worldwide, falling behind the Xbox and far behind the PlayStation 2.

What were the GameCube games that you liked the most?

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