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Halo Infinite will have an open world, but will avoid being tedious and tiring | LevelUp

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Halo Infinite will have an open world. This is a natural fit for the franchise as, after all, its best moments are tiered with a broad and open structure. That said, in an industry where open worlds are well established as a genre, there are many questions about what 343 Industries will do. We already have the answer and, in short, it can be said that his philosophy is to avoid being tedious and tiring.

LEVEL UP recently attended a question and answer session with members of 343 Industries. We take the opportunity to ask you what it is that will make the open world of Halo Infinite be different from the open worlds already on the market and what you will propose to compete against those that are slated to arrive in the next few years.

The first to speak after our question was Paul Crocker, associate creative director at 343 Industries. In his reply he made it clear to us that the studio is leaning towards using what makes Halo to make your open world unique and entertaining.

“The silly answer about what we have that other titles don’t, is that we are Halo. And as I said before, that is our sandbox par excellence. The minute by minute of our game is as compelling as it has always been in many ways. It is more absorbent. It is a very intense combat experience. And what we’ve added is the ability to tackle these challenges the way you want as a player. We tried to create this game of Halo in which a spectator wants to play. Can I go and take a vehicle in that situation? Yes, you can, “he said.

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In other news

That’s not all, as Crocker also pointed out that it was important to the study that Halo Infinite it was a game that could be completed. That is to say, they avoided following that design school that consists of filling the map with elements that add hours of play to the counter, but that do little to entertain the players.

“We wanted our game to be able to be completed by the players. We didn’t want to make the biggest open world game. We wanted to focus on the right areas. That can be completed because Halo it has a tradition that people play it in multiple difficulties, replaying it, looking for new things, trying different ways of doing things, “he explained.

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On the latter, Steve Dyck, character director of Halo, acknowledged that some open worlds force you to grind, gain experience, and level up in order to enjoy everything they offer. On Halo Infinite They don’t want you to be hooked for hours and hours to progress like it’s a job. In fact, much of the secondary content is completely optional and they want you to discover it out of curiosity and fun.

“So it’s more about the mystery and the desire to find out what’s out there rather than the need to go get experience points. Because you’re too low to kill [a los enemigos]. We don’t have that. It is there for you. There will be more for you that you will have access to more stuff, more, you know, upgrade stuff for the Master Chief team and better Marines, better vehicles and better weapons, for sure. But you don’t have to.

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I think it is quite an important differentiator, as players can choose to do these things or, if they just want the experience of the story, they can go down the road and get back to the goal on the main road, “said the creative.

343i wants to hook you for the right reasons

Delivering a fun open world

For his part, Justin Dinges, head of the art department of the campaign Halo Infinite, explained that they never did this project with the goal of creating the best open world game. What they wanted was to deliver the Halo funniest possible that can flourish in the context of a sandbox.

“How to make it bloom even more? Get a little further away from the linear stuff, go back to some of the missions that really resonate with us as fans like The Silent Cartographer and the mission. Halo [de Halo 3]. And really, how do you expand that and do it in a current generation or a next generation? ”He said.

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The Halo Infinite campaign is almost here
The Halo Infinite campaign is almost here

So, now to design Halo Infinite they decided not to compete directly against other open world games in terms of scale or ambition. By focusing solely on delivering a fun product that feels like Halo , there were several ideas that they had to scrap as they just didn’t feel right to Infinite.

For all these things, at 343 Industries they feel that, more than being an open world game, Halo Infinite it’s a Halo wide and open.

What do you think of these statements? Do you think this is the appropriate direction for open world design? Tell us in the comments.

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Halo Infinite is in development for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC. We remind you that its release date is next December 8. You can learn more about this long-awaited FPS from 343 Industries by clicking here.

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