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Halo Infinite: Standard difficulty is Normal instead of Heroic and 343i explains why

Both the Halo developed by Bungie as the Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians of 343 Industries were intended to be played in Heroic mode, the third of the difficulties. The development teams, after adjusting all the aspects that influence the difficulty with Heroic mode as a base, lowered it for Easy and Normal modes or increased it for Legendary mode.

However, in Halo Infinite they have opted for design the campaign with Normal mode in mind and later make the necessary adjustments for the rest of the difficulties, in order to make the more accessible experience to all those players who have never touched a Halo Or maybe they never played a game shooter in the first person, because the public of Infinite goes beyond traditional players Xbox: Also targets the 18 million Xbox Game Pass subscribers on console, PC, and mobile devices.

“It does not mean that Heroic is not difficult”

“This time we have spent much more time [ajustando] on Normal difficulty waiting for new players, “he said in a round table with the press Stephen Dyck, Character Director, as collected VGC. “That does not mean that Heroic is not difficult nor that Legendary is not very hard, those are things that are still part of Halo“.

“We want those players to have fun and succeed and don’t hit a wall immediately from a fucking point of view gameplay“Dyck abounds.” So one of the philosophies we had is that the player is always correct […]. If the player wants to use something or a certain type of weapon, while other types of weapon are more capable, We are never going to say, ‘You’re wrong, you can’t do that’“.

With measures like a more balanced Normal mode, tutorials, and customizable gear, “the player has a smoother ramp to the gameplay from Halo. In the same conversation, Paul Crocker, Associate Creative Directorexplained that in the more open areas of the campaign there will be a “golden road” to guide players, but that those who stray from the path will face more challenging moments that you can return to later with better weapons, marines or equipment upgrades if they are failed at first. “

All this is motivated, according to Justin Dinges, campaign art director, because with Halo 5: Guardians received many comments that “entry price” was high both in terms of knowing the gameplay of the saga as in the narrative. “So we wanted to make the entry price to the series more accessible to people so that do not perceive that they had to [saber cosas previas]“.

Halo Infinite

The multiplayer is now available, the campaign arrives in December and the cooperative in May

Halo Infinite I will premiere the December 8 on PC, Xbox Series and Xbox One and be available from day one on Xbox Game Pass with Xbox Cloud Gaming compatibility; you can read our first impressions with the campaign here. The cooperative mode for the campaign and the Forge mode will be released in May and July 2022 respectively. The free multiplayer beta was launched this Monday by surprise and is having a great reception.

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