Tuesday, September 27

Halo Infinite presents ‘gameplay’ of its first two bosses on Legendary difficulty

343 Industries has explained that Halo Infinite It has been designed by setting the Normal mode as the standard and that from then on the difficulty for the Easy, Heroic and Legendary modes has been increased or decreased; a change from previous installments, designed in Heroica, which seeks to make the game more accessible to neophytes. That does not mean that title promises to be a great challenge in their highest difficulties.

The North American head IGN has posted a gameplay of almost five minutes showing in Legendary difficulty the first two boss battles what will i have Infinite. In those fights the Spartan 117 will see the faces against the Brute Trimonious and against an Elite soldier named Chak’Lok. The movement required and the speed at which the life bar drops show that those who want a challenge will find it here.

However, it is not a challenge that we can face together, at least until May 2022. Developers at 343 Industries have announced that the cooperative way for the campaign will not launch until that month, and the Forge mode (which allows players to create their own multiplayer modes) until July. All this is because Season 1, Hroes de Reach, it will last for six months instead of the three that will last the rest of seasons.

We have already tested the campaign Infinite

Our colleague Carlos Leiva has been able to enjoy the first four missions of the campaign (which by the way, has played in Heroic Difficulty) and in his impressions He tells you what he thought: “Maybe the secondary activities offered by its open world phases have not finished falling in love with us, but in their favor we have to say that it has been a long time since we had such a good time shooting in a video game and that its successes are overshadowing its shortcomings. “

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Halo Infinite arrive the December 8, 2021 a PC, Xbox Series y Xbox One.


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