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Halo Infinite has a Craig the Brute easter egg and so you can find it | LevelUp

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In recent months, Xbox has shown that it knows how to take things with humor and this is reflected in its games. The proof is that Craig, the Brute who became a meme after the infamous demo of Halo Infinite in the summer of 2020. Many would have preferred to forget it, but 343 Industries decided to pay tribute to him with an easter egg in the campaign of Halo Infinite.

As you probably know, various media outlets and content creators had the opportunity to test the first hours of the Halo Infinite. Thanks to them, Like BilitzYouTube content creator discovered Craig’s easter egg that 343 Industries hid in the campaign.

Craig’s Easter Egg is hidden at the start of the fourth mission of the Halo Infinite. To find it you only have to reach the top of one of the building that you will find nearby. There you’ll see a tribute to Craig, as well as an album called Craig: Greatest Hits, which features the iconic Brute’s face on the cover.

You can see the easter egg in the video that we present below:

In other news

Xbox takes things with humor

As we said before, that Xbox is taken with humor is no surprise. In recent months, the company has turned the negative into the positive and with this it has become very close to its community. For example, the community mocked the look of the Series X and compared it to a refrigerator, their response? Take out coolers with the console design. Also, they have taken advantage of memes to advertise their products, leaving behind the image of being a cold brand that does not understand its audience that was won during the reveal of the Xbox One.

What did you think of this tribute to Craig? Do you like that this legendary Brute has been immortalized? Tell us in the comments.

Halo Infinite is in development for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC. We remind you that its release date is next December 8. You can learn more about this long-awaited FPS from 343 Industries by clicking here.

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