Thursday, January 20

Halo Infinite: Co-op for Campaign and Forge Mode Delayed

343 Industries and Xbox Game Studios released the free multiplayer beta for Halo Infinite this Monday, November 15. The announcement was accompanied by a message from Joseph Staten, creative director of the project, commenting that the Season 1, Hroes de Reach, it will last for six months instead of three. The cooperative way for the company was planned for Season 2 and the Forge mode for Season 3, which will mean that both will be delayed, as confirmed by Staten to Eurogamer.

The creative director assures the British media that the study objective is the same as before, “Launch Campaign Co-op with Season 2 and Forge Mode with Season 3.” Therefore, the cooperative not available until May 2022. If the season lasts three months as planned, the mode that allows the community create game modes arrive in July 2022.

However, Staten notes: “I can’t commit to any fixed date right now because, as we are seeing with this multiplayer beta, other things could rise in priority in our stack [por cosas por hacer]If it turns out that our progression system is not working as intended, if we need to move these big stones sooner, then we as a team will make those decisions and we will clearly communicate to our fans why we are doing certain things “, concludes the main person in charge of Infinite.

Multiplayer debuts with over 272,000 players on Steam

The multiplayer beta of Halo Infinite It has been released in style on Xbox Series, Xbox One and on PC; At the moment there are only figures for Steam players (which do not take into account other computer launchers such as the Xbox application), where a peak of almost 273,000 concurrent players has been reached that remains stable, since in the last 24 hours they have played more 200,000 users, according to figures from SteamDB.

Halo Infinite will be officially launched on December 8. On Vandal We have been able to play the first four missions of the campaign and we will tell you in our impressions which looks very good.

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