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GTA 6: Fans speculate that the first image of the game is in GTA: The Trilogy

In the absence of official information on Grand Theft Auto VI fans are immersed every so often in theories and speculation about any new details of the next GTA. The debate comes this week, they report from IGN, by the image of a house that they have found in the remake from San Andreas included in Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition.

The discusin arose in GTA Forums, the main forum about Rockstar Games titles although it has no official link with the company. The house appears in a photography inside one of the establishments from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and has captured the curiosity of the players because it was not in the original game. But also, because not even the greatest experts in the saga have been able to discern the origin of that house, modeled for the occasion with photorealistic attention to detail.

Part of the blame that so much speculation has been sparked by a simple image is also due to the location: the Lil ‘Probe Inn bar, located near the Restricted area and serving as a gathering point for the believers of UFO phenomena (hence its decoration around it). In the photo of the house, you can also see a flying saucer flying over the house.

With these data on the table, it is not difficult to understand why fans have launched into speculation without hesitation. Rockstar has played numerous times with his fans as for secrets, particularly UFOs and ghosts, that may or may not be in their games. The high modeling quality of the house rules out that it is a home included in GTA: The Trilogy, and the players have not found it in Grand Theft Auto V.

To this we must add that palm trees are seen in the photograph, an irrelevant fact if it were not for the fact that it has been speculating for a while that GTA 6 return us to Vice City, the city inspired by Miami. The user of GTA Forums ‘igrobar’ has discovered a virtually identical royal house in Boca Ratn, north of Miami; Rockstar often includes adaptations of real buildings, recognizable or not, within their video games.

What the rumors say: an ever-expanding map and release in 2025

Of course, Rockstar Games has not commented anything about all these theories. And indeed, there are no signs that they are ready to talk about the long-awaited video game. In April 2020, Kotaku published an article with sources close to the development who assured that GTA 6 was in a state of early development and that will be launched with a map of “moderate” size that will later be expanded to the style of GTA Online, something that other headers and insiders in the last few months. Some of those insiders they ensure that the game will not be ready until 2025 and that its development resumed at the beginning of last year.

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