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Genshin Impact streamers complain about Adventurer’s Guild event on Twitch

The developer MiHoYo celebrate in Genshin Impact the Adventurer’s Guild event on Twitch that allows players to receive in-game items to subscribe on the Amazon platform to the channels of your streamers favorites. The package of objects is the same that Chinese users were able to receive for buying a KFC menu, according to VG247, where they also highlight that several content creators have declined to participate in the event due to the conditions imposed by the Asian developer.

The event start on November 25 at 1:00 Spanish peninsular time and end on December 8. During that time, any player with Adventure Rank 10 or higher will be able to subscribe for at least two months to a Twitch channel from a content creator who is participating in the event (Amazon Prime subscription or gifted subscriptions are not valid) to receive a code. Upon redemption, you will receive the Banquet Wings, 30,000 blackberries, a jade roll, two meat ramen and two sauteed matsutakes.

However, it remains to be seen whether streamers dedicated to Genshin Impact most popular in Spain and other regions join the promotion, since some have not even received the proposal by MiHoYo and others have declined. The reason, according to the streamer ‘TecTone’ (with 715,000 followers on Twitch and 560,000 subscribers on YouTube) is that some of those content creators they weren’t comfortable with the conditions imposed by the Chinese study.

During the period of the event, the streamers participants cannot accept advertising deals from other brands, cannot perform negative comments about the game, they cannot issue another title that is not Genshin Impact and they do not receive any payment by the developer that could offset the prohibition of advertising other products.

Expansion Shadows of snow and dust November 24th

In other news about Genshin Impact, the November 24, version 2.3 is released on PC, PS5, PS4 and Android and iOS mobile devices. The expansion is called Shadows of snow and dust and bring two new ones playable characters (Arataki Itto and Gorou) and add new agility, combat and exploration challenges, among other new features.

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