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Gamer reunites with his parents 16 years after disappearing for failing in school | LevelUp

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Video games are made and enjoyed by people. This is why it is normal that there are a lot of emotional stories around this hobby. Now we learn a story about a gamer who disappeared after failing school, but 16 years later managed to reunite with his parents.

As told by local Chinese media (via Tarreo) Wang Mou was a brilliant student who finished high school as the best of his generation. In 2001, he was admitted to Xi’an City University thanks to his excellent exam results.

Everything was going well in Mou’s life, but things turned bad when poor life decisions led him to prioritize playing video games over student life. This led to his being expelled and guilt leading him to disappear from his parents’ lives for 16 years.

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During this time, Mou lived thanks to jobs that did not require that he be registered before the authorities. Thanks to this, he was able to spend more than 15 years under the radar, so that his family and loved ones were unable to locate him. As you can imagine, this also caused many to imagine the worst: that the young man had suffered some tragedy.

However, at 39 years of age, Mou decided to renew his identity document. With this, the authorities identified that he was the person who had been reported missing 16 years ago and put him in contact with his parents.

Thanks to this, Mou was able to reconnect with his mother. For the Chinese citizen, it was a very emotional situation, so he could not hold back his tears and knelt in front of his mother when they met again.

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