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Earthworm Jim is back; now with a new TV series | LevelUp

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The trends are cyclical and in commercial terms it has become common to see the return of content typical of the 80s and 90s. In the case of the second period, those who lived it surely remember Earthworm Jim, an action and platform game that was successful in those years and that was carried out by the character created by the animator Doug TenNapel. It has been a long time since Jim Lombriz lived to fame but now, unexpectedly, he will return in a TV series.

What is this? The 90s? Earthworm Jim will return to tv

Interplay Entertainment and Passion Pictures announced their partnership to create a TV series of Earthworm Jim, which will be written by Michel K. Parandi, while the production will be in charge of Aaron Billet and Marc Bodin-Joyeux. According to the information, the project is in an initial phase of production, so there is some time to see any notable progress and know the details of its first season and the platform on which it will be broadcast.

Earthworm Jim is getting a new TV series

However, the announcement has been accompanied by a Official site where you can see an interview with the protagonist of Earthworm JimYes to Jim Lombriz, and in it you can appreciate the type of animation that this project is committed to, as well as the type of humor, which will return to the essence of what the character was during the 90s where he was successful thanks to SEGA Genesis and SNES deliveries.

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Jim Lombriz tells us about his next series
Jim Lombriz tells us about his next series

This will be the second raid of Earthworm Jim on TV, since the first took place in a Warner Bros. project in 1996 as a result of the good results that the franchise had given in video games. Regarding this other facet, the IP is still alive with Earthworm Jim 4 which will be exclusive to the Intellivision Amico system.

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