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Deathloop: Update 2 adds improvements for the PS5 and PC version

Deathloop It arrived last September for PC and PS5, allowing Spanish players and around the world to immerse themselves in the original Arkane Studios proposal. After being nominated for Game of the Year, from the development studio they have implemented Update 2: it offers a whole series of improvements for both the PC and PS5 versions, including an improvement for NPCs and camera controls.

Deathloop welcomes Update 2

The PC and PS5 versions of Deathloop have benefited from a number of features thanks to Update 2. We can find a overall improvement for NPC AI, along with a barrage of bug fixes, stability, graphics, and some tweaks to the invasion mechanic when playing as Julianna: If the user who is playing as Colt quits the game, count as a win for those who are controlling the protagonist.

Remember that this title seeks to give a twist to the invasion system that we have seen in games like Dark Souls, so fans will appreciate this kind of support. On the other hand, if the AI ​​is controlling Julianna, the character will be more reactive to the actions we take while handling Colt. In turn, players who are absent will be tagged.

If Colt leaves the game, Julianna wins

Among the specific improvements for the PS5 version we also find: adding different options for field of view and motion blur. There are many changes that Arkane has made to Deathloop with this version of the game, and you can check them all in the following link.

“The creators of Dishonored are passed to the FPS in a game with a fascinating world design and levels where we must break the time loop in which we are trapped “, we wrote in our analysis. We remind you that the game is available on both PC and PS5.

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