Tuesday, January 18

Capcom officially delays Pragmata to 2023, shares new illustrations with protagonist

Capcom has officially announced that its next sci-fi adventure game Pragmata has been delayed. The game was originally scheduled to release in 2022, but the new release window is now 2023. Capcom announced the delay with a new teaser and a new artwork featuring the young protagonist of Pragmata.

Fans and critics were already speculating a lot about Pragmata’s delay since Sony’s press conference at CES in January 2021. During that press conference, a slide had text showing that Pragmata would arrive in 2023 instead of its date. original release of 2022.

via Sony

Pragmata was announced in July 2020 with a trailer for “Extended Cut” that featured footage from the game. The trailer shows a mysterious person in a futuristic spacesuit wandering through a desolate city. The person eventually meets a strange girl, and then a satellite crashes into the horizon. The astronaut and the girl use their combined powers to escape across the open horizon, and the duo is revealed to be inside Earth’s moon.

Capcom claims to be making full use of next-gen hardware, using ray tracing and other technological advancements to create Pramata’s high-quality graphics. The game is expected to launch on Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, and PC.


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