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Apex legends players find skins very ugly and expensive | LevelUp

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Free-to-play are experiences where microtransactions are just around the corner. However, developers are challenged to create content that is quality and invites players to invest real money, but at the same time does not punish users who do not pay. In that sense, it seems that the community of Apex Legends You are not happy with the items being sold and their price.

This week, a reddit user posted an image comparing 2 Battle Royale skins. The one on the left is a free rare skin, while the one on the right costs 1,000 Apex Coins, which would work out to about $ 10 USD.

Certainly, the skin on the left has more characteristic elements and, in general, it is much more interesting and original than the one on the right. In his post, the gamer lashed out at the developers and hinted that it’s embarrassing that a free skin is more eye-catching than a paid one.

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Apex Legends Community Calls for Monetization Model Changes

The reddit post, which received nearly 12,000 upvotes, caused a heated debate among community members. Of course, most players agree and claim that the monetization model of Apex Legends needs urgent changes.

The economics of Battle Royale has been a recurring theme since its surprise launch in early 2019, as the community considers some items to be very expensive.

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A few weeks ago, Ryan Rigney, director of communications for Respawn Entertainment, addressed many of these complaints, saying the studio wants to strike a balance between creating a healthy business and not making items unaffordable for players who don’t invest a lot of money.

But tell us, do you think the video game items are very expensive? Let us read you in the comments.

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