Tuesday, August 16

Activision Blizzard: Over 1,300 Employees Call for Bobby Kotick’s Resignation

The Activision Blizzard King Workers Alliance has put in place mechanisms to request the resignation of Bobby Kotick as CEO of Activision Blizzard, in light of the facts alleged in an article published by The Wall Street Journal earlier this week. According to this information, Kotick was aware of the cases of harassment and abuse and is even accused of mistreatment. The workers have launched a request to be signed by all company employees in the studios and offices. At this time there are more than 1,300 supports. On the other side of the coin, we found the board of directors supporting Kotick.

ABK Workers Alliance Calls for Kotick’s Resignation

“We, the undersigned, we no longer trust Bobby Kotick’s leadership as CEO of Activision Blizzard “, can be read in the online document where employees can sign. At the time of this writing, the figure rises to 1,337 supports. The names of the signatories, as well as their position and the division to which they belong, are also reflected under the description of the form.

“The information that has come to light about their behaviors and practices in the operation of our companies goes against the culture and integrity that we require from our leadership, and directly conflicts with the initiatives initiated by our peers “, they point out. In fact, despite establishing a zero tolerance policy, these measures are not going to apply to Kotick despite what is described in the WSJ article.

“We no longer trust Bobby Kotick’s leadership”

In this sense, from the ABK Workers Alliance they wield: “We call for Bobby Kotick to be removed as CEO of Activision Blizzard, and allowing the shareholders to select the new CEO without the involvement of Bobby, who we know owns a substantial part of the shareholders’ voting rights. ”At this point we have to point out that there are already several groups of shareholders that They have also called for Kotick’s resignation.

Fans can also lend their support

Players have closely followed the circumstances that have surrounded Activision Blizzard, since this summer a department in California sued the company for cases of widespread harassment against women. At that time, fans of World of Warcraft they held a protest within the same MMO to reflect their rejection and dissatisfaction with these events. From the ABK Workers Alliance they have also launched an open petition in Change to all users, where fans can also sign in solidarity with the workers.

“Bobby Kotick has shown that he does not care about his employees and that he is in no position to be the CEO of Activision Blizzard,” writes the ABK Workers Alliance in this signature collection for players. “This petition will not guarantee your resignation, but it will show you that we disagree with you blatantly ignoring the screams of your employees. Having a petition with Activision Blizzard consumer firms should show you how much we believe you are unfit for your position. taken advantage of your employees for years, and this request is just a little stepping stone. “

A request to show the discontent of the players

The ABK Workers Alliance continues: “It is absolutely appalling that someone with so much power ignores all the cries for help. This petition will show that your time as CEO has ended and clearly can’t get it right. He needs to be replaced. “There are currently 11,017 people who have shown their support for the workers and are calling for Kotick’s resignation.

Industry Reactions: The PlayStation and Xbox Response

The cases described in the WSJ article have not been long in sparking a reaction from other giants in the video game sector. Jim Ryan, head of PlayStation, claims to be “surprised” by the attitude of Activision Blizzard in light of the events. For its part, Phil Spencer – Xbox boss – has indicated that they are “evaluating” the relationship of the green house with the firm.


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