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6 Just Dance 2022 Beginner Tips You Need To Know

Ubisoft’s Just Dance 2022 is a lot of fun, but what tips should players keep in mind?

Just Dance 2022 It is not a typical Ubisoft game that can be mastered. There is no campaign to adventure and no bosses to defeat. Just Dance 2022 instead, it’s packed with dances to help players have fun alone or with friends. It is one of the series of modern party essential games.

Just Dance 2022 It’s fun for all ages, but it can also be intense exercise. The main purpose of the tips is to help locate the players before the dance begins. There are also a few things players should consider before trying the game.

Heating and preparing the water

It is important to stretch before exercising, whether someone is going to play. Just Dance 2022 or go on a hike in the woods. Make sure to stretch afterwards with a cool down too. It may not sound “cool”, but don’t rule out warming up or cooling down. Doing so will decrease the chance of injury while exercising.

It is also a good idea to have much water close together with a towel. Finally, make sure clear space. Get all the furniture out of the way and the higher the ceiling the better. If the player can help it, be sure to also dance on some kind of mat, yoga mat, or better yet, rug. It can be quite easy to glide on a smooth surface like wood paneling or tile while dancing.

Don’t just follow the controller’s movements

Just Dance 2022 It only tracks one part of the body, regardless of whether players are playing on the Switch with Joy-Cons or on an Xbox with full motion controls. That would be the right hand. It can be tempting to follow the correct controller’s instructions to get the best score, but doing so will rob players of what this series is all about – having fun.

Immerse yourself in the whole dance routine. Let that body sweat. Doing so will create a real full workout. You may not rack up many points in the game, but your body will certainly rack up the points. That’s the best high score a player can get – a ripped body.

How multiplayer works

Six people can team up in cooperative play. This multiplayer setup works even if a song is centered around a single dancer. When it comes to duets, trios or quarters, things get a bit complicated.

There is also the World dance floor, an online versus mode. Players who jump will compete with others on three consecutive songs chosen at random. Points will be distributed during the match and whoever dances the best wins. It’s as simple as that. It would have been nice to see more customization with this mode, but it’s interesting to say the least.

Unlimited Just Dance Tips

The game only has about 40 songs on the disc / card, but there are also Just Dance Unlimited. This service collects more than 700 songs from previous entries in the series. There are various subscription methods that players can purchase online from days to months to years.

The prices are reasonable too. The best part is that Just Dance 2022 comes with a one month trial. Since there are so many songs with the service, scrolling through all of them to find a potential favorite could take forever, as there is a burden involved. That is why it is suggested to search the databases on a phone or computer. There is also a search tab in the game.

Options to consider

There are not so many options in Just Dance 2022. It would have been nice to see a way to turn off the messages from the vending machine. They can be overlooked by players but, along with other pop-ups, they can ruin the flow of a good workout. There are three options in the game that players should know about.

First, Turn on the activated vibrations of the rhythm. This is what matters most in the Switch version, as the Joy-Cons have that HD Rumble feature. The vibrations can help players keep the beat while dancing. It’s another way to get into the rhythm just like the lyrics. However, if players don’t want the lyrics on the screen or the dance prompts, both can be disabled. Turning off the pictograms can create a more challenging experience if players are looking for it.

Record your dance

This is a life hack that works for all entries in the series. If players have access to a game capture unit then they should record their dances. Then, on a computer, edit the song so that it starts and stops without any fill-in. People can play these recordings and exercise however they want. For example, paste the songs onto a USB device and then play them back on a PS4.

This eliminates any equipment involved, as well as those pesky menus. There is no longer a score involved or reward incentives in the game, but getting a solid workout will be rewarding enough for most. The choreography and background graphics are great in Just Dance 2022, but some intros and exits are a bit long. It’s another thing that can hinder a good sweat. However, don’t use this method for parties. This is strictly advice for playing solo.

Just Dance 2022 It was released on November 4, 2021, and is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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