Friday, November 25

Xbox is updated in November with more accessibility options and functions for the controller

Xbox just launched the november update, and from Microsoft they have wanted to review everything that this new version of the system offers. Among the main features to highlight, we discovered new color filters and labels for accessibility, an updated volume and audio output settings for all consoles, and an update for the controller firmware. Since the Redmond firm they have also addressed the problem of shutting down the consoles, offering greater stability to Xbox Series X when running games like NBA 2K22, FIFA 22 and Battlefield 2042.

Microsoft details Xbox November update

In the area of ​​accessibility, new color filters and Xbox Series X / S enhancements are designed to facilitate the enjoyment of video games by people with color blindness or visual impairment of colors. This allows them to better distinguish the colors and customize the games to suit their needs.

Another feature that Xbox has implemented in its digital store is a labeling system, similar al operation of Accessible Games Database– Using tags, players can more quickly find out if a game is suitable for them before purchasing it. In the database created by the non-profit organization DAY SYSTEM They allow you to search for games based on the hearing, visual and motor needs of the users.

With a tagging system, players can find

On the more technical side of the update, we found that the volume and audio output settings on all consoles have been updated – they include new options such as the ability to mute speaker audio when we plug in headphones. They have also added two features for the Xbox Series controller: dynamic latency input (reduces the time between pressing the button and seeing the result on the screen) and Bluetooth Low Energy (for more efficient Bluetooth operation), which also adds to Xbox One controllers with Bluetooth support, Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, and Xbox Adaptive Controller.

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Among other novelties, Microsoft also launched its Xbox Cloud Gaming for Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One by surprise this week: this allows Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers to enjoy their games in the cloud, without having to install them, and enjoy them. offers access to next-gen games from Xbox One.

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