Thursday, December 1

Xbox is also working on avoiding problems with the CMOS stack, according to Phil Spencer

At the beginning of the year the alarm went off in the video game sector: consoles have a component, the CMOS battery, which if exhausted prevents access to most of the games we have, both physical and digital. This problem is related to the check that consoles perform on the Internet before playing such video games, something that is impossible when the CMOS battery runs out. This month Sony has fixed this problem on PS5 after having prevented it on PS4, both times via update, but what about xbox?

According to Phil Spencer, jefe de Xbox, the teams of hardware The company are already working on avoiding this situation on Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. Stephen Totilo, of Axios, who has made it public on his personal Twitter account: “The hardware you’ve heard the message that our consoles should allow for the ongoing relationship between the player and the content they own. So as we hear the message, teams are analyzing those things“Spencer says of the CMOS battery.

Phil Spencer and “legal emulation”

This problem has practically no impact at present, but it does can be decisive for the preservation of the video game in the future: if services such as Xbox Live or PlayStation Network stop working within a few years this impediment could render certain consoles useless.

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Phil Spencer’s response is in line with what we expect from someone who in that same interview has called for “legal emulation” to prevent digital works from being lost: “My wish, and I think for the moment I have to speak like this, is an industry in which we can work with legal emulation that allows the hardware modern run old executables and play any game. I think in the end if we say ‘anyone can buy any game or own one and continue playing’ [durante aos, con independencia de la mquina] that seems like a great goal for the industry. “

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