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Which iPhone should you buy? The best iPhones for photography in 2021

With iPhone cameras getting better every year, it’s natural to assume that the newer, more expensive iPhone is the best choice for your photos. But that is not always the case. Depending on your needs, you may want to give other models another look. Whether you want an iPhone for capturing stunning video or one that has the battery life needed for long hikes, read on to find out which is the best iPhone to buy.

What is the best iPhone to buy right now in 2021?

The current line of iPhones had a lot of work ahead of it. Headlining the impressive camera in the iPhone 11 family wasn’t easy, but each of the iPhone 12 models did just that and more. So you might be wondering, “Which iPhone should I buy?”

Although they all capture impressive images and videos, each of the new iPhones has something different to offer. To help you figure out which iPhone is best for you, here is a quick breakdown of each of the models:

iPhone 12 ($ 799)

  • Camera: Wide and Ultra Wide Camera
  • Screen: 6.1 inch
  • Battery: up to 17 hours of battery life
  • Advantages: Supports most photography functions, such as night mode, portrait mode, portrait lighting, and Smart HDR 3
  • Cons: It lacks a telephoto lens, which reduces the distance you can zoom in, and the lack of a LiDAR scanner is noticeable in night mode images.

iPhone 12 Pro ($ 999)

  • Camera: Wide Angle, Ultra Wide Angle and Telephoto Camera
  • Screen: 6.1 inch
  • Battery: up to 17 hours of battery life
  • Advantages: Has the LiDAR scanner for faster focus and captures photos with the new Apple ProRAW file format
  • Cons: More expensive than iPhone 12, but worse battery life than iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Pro Max ($ 1099)

  • Camera: Wide Angle, Ultra Wide Angle and Telephoto Camera
  • Screen: 6.7 inch
  • Battery: up to 20 hours of battery life
  • Pros: All the great features of the iPhone 12 Pro, but with a bigger screen and better battery life
  • Cons: It is huge and can be difficult for some people to handle.
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iPhone 12 Mini ($ 699)

  • Camera: Wide and Ultra Wide Camera
  • Screen: 5.4 inch
  • Battery: up to 15 hours of battery life
  • Advantages: Supports most photography functions, such as night mode, portrait mode, and Smart HDR 3; more compact, making it more mobile
  • Cons: The smaller phone also comes with smaller storage capacities and shorter battery life

The ultimate iPhone for photos: iPhone 12 Pro

There’s a reason this one has “Pro” in its name. IPhone 12 Pro takes amazing photos. It is equipped with three lenses: wide angle, ultra wide angle and telephoto. And even though it only has a 12MP sensor, the camera photography more than makes up for it. The Pro models are the only ones with a LiDAR scanner for faster focus and more powerful night mode. They are also the only iPhones that can take pictures in Apple ProRAW. But where the iPhone 12 Pro outperforms its Max counterpart is in size and price.

While the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a slightly better camera, it is a huge phone. The smaller iPhone 12 Pro is more portable and much easier to transport. And above all, it is more affordable. Because you’re not paying for the bigger screen and battery, you’re actually getting more power and performance for your money.

Best iPhone for video in 2021: iPhone 12 Pro Max

Now when it comes to videos, the best camera is in the iPhone 12 Pro Max. While all iPhone 12 models can record HDR videos with Dolby Vision, the Pro Max can use all three lenses and has better zoom at telephoto.

But the main reason the iPhone 12 Pro Max is better for videos is that it has sensor shift stabilization. While the other iPhones on this list will use software to trim and stabilize your videos, the iPhone 12 Pro Max actually changes the sensor slightly to give you silky smooth video, even if you’re not on a tripod.

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Best iPhone for the money: iPhone 12 Mini

A step up from the iPhone SE, the iPhone 12 Mini’s camera is small but powerful. In fact, the specs are identical to the iPhone 12, so you still get the Wide and Ultra Wide lenses. It is enabled with features like portrait mode, portrait lighting, smart HDR, and night mode. However, the iPhone 12 Mini is smaller than the iPhone 12 by about 0.7 inches, which means that it is more portable and cheaper in price.

The iPhone with the best battery life: iPhone 12 Pro Max

If you’ve been following it so far, then you already know that the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the model with the best battery performance, and by far. Even though you’re powering a bigger screen, you can still get up to 20 hours of video playback. For comparison, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro can only last up to 17 hours.

Taking photos on your iPhone is a little different than taking a DSLR. While you can replace the battery in traditional cameras, you are limited to the internal battery when shooting with an iPhone, which is why battery life can play such a big part in your decision to get a new iPhone.

Which iPhone is worth buying?

If you’re looking for the best deal, you’ll probably want to go for the iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro. Choosing the Pro model will cost you an extra $ 200, but the upgrades are definitely worth it. With that said, keep in mind that the iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max are really only worth the price if you specifically want one of them for its size.

Which iPhone should you buy in 2021?

When it comes to the current line of iPhones, the clear winner is the iPhone 12 Pro. While a bit pricey, it is the model that will capture the most impressive images and videos. The LiDAR scanner will improve camera performance in both image quality and speed. The iPhone 12 Pro is such a powerful photographic powerhouse that it’s hard to beat. And the iPhone 12 Pro Max arguably barely manages to get by.

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Which Apple phone is coming out in 2021?

While we don’t know for sure which phones Apple plans to launch in 2021, there are always plenty of rumors about what to expect. It’s safe to assume that there will be four models again, follow-ups of each of the iPhone 12 models. They will see incremental performance increases and will probably have the same two or three lenses on the rear cameras.

However, the camera is still expected to see the most significant updates, with new features like improved apertures for low-light images. And the Ultra Wide lens on the Pro Max model is rumored to have sensor shift stabilization, which is currently only available on the Wide lens.

What is the best time to buy an iPhone?

In the past, Apple announced its list of new iPhones in September, with the goal of releasing them in October or early November. So if you want to maximize the time you have with a new iPhone before Apple decides to launch another line, it’s best to buy your phone towards the end of the year.

There is no shortage of great iPhone cameras, and with Apple improving their hardware every year, they are only getting better and better. When it comes to choosing the right model, it just depends on what you are looking for. Hopefully, this article will help you decide which iPhone will be the best to update, and help you improve your iPhone photography.

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