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Video games are monetized even more during 2021 with the use of ‘loot boxes’ • Console and Dashboard

Today, video games are nothing like what we had ten years ago. As a good source of entertainment, developers constantly analyze how to continue to amaze and fascinate their audience.

In fact, if you usually play frequently, surely you have come across a box that, as soon as you uncover, gives you a push to get closer to your final goal. They are the so-called ‘loot boxes’, a small element that gives a lot to talk about.

What are the ‘loot boxes’?

For those who are not very familiar with gaming terminology, it is known as ‘loot boxes’ to some mysterious-looking sealed boxes that appear at certain points in a video game. These items bring rewards with them, such as a special suit that grants extraordinary powers or super-powerful weapons to better attack the adversary.

Many times, these boxes are free and appear as a surprise. However, the player also has the option to buy them with real money, a detail that, while benefiting the gaming industry monetarily, has also become controversial.

The rapid popularity of ‘loot boxes’

We currently find games with incredible 3D graphics, designed so that we can live immersive virtual reality experiences. And, as if the visual appeal wasn’t enough, it also looks at how to keep a player excited as the game unfolds, this is when the reward boxes enter the game’s common thread.

During 2021, video game companies have registered an increase in the purchase of ‘loot boxes’ or ‘reward boxes’ within gaming applications. In fact, from agreement with Statista Consumers are forecast to be spending $ 20.3 trillion by 2025.

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The controversy behind the reward boxes

Critics point out that this strategy is not very far from the one implemented by bookmakers. In conversations with an online casino expert from, confirms that there are similarities between the elements that can be found in online casino games and these new functions that are used in video games.

This factor worries a certain part of the population, since the ‘loot boxes’ are a kind of strategy to attract and maintain the loyalty of users, it can generate in them the feeling that they are missing out on some special offer.

To resolve this controversy, the JustGamblers spokesperson points out that one way may be the regulation of these games by the competent state agencies. In this way, the fear that minors are accessing this type of entertainment is lost and, in addition, it is possible to duly comply with the responsible gambling regulations, to which many online casinos are subscribed.

Likewise, if video games adhere to the corresponding regulation, the existence of these reward boxes would be reported in advance of the purchase of the game, leaving the player to make the conscious decision of consumption, while companies can monitor the the behavior of users and avoid any possible inconvenience.

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