Saturday, November 26

Trash Sailors specifies its launch plans • Console and Dashboard

“A cooperative sailing adventure, drawn by hand”. This is how it is defined Trash Sailors, a proposal that will arrive on December 16 to PC (Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG). Already in 2022, it will make the leap to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and Nintendo Switch.


fluckyMachine and tinyBuild are behind this combination of action and adventure, to be enjoyed by up to four characters. We will build our raft, we will fight against the monsters we meet along the way and, ultimately, we will try to keep friendship from going overboard.

It throws us into a devastated world. A garbage tsunami It has transformed everything, turning garbage into the main resource. In fact, it is presented as the most valuable asset in the world.

It is not for less, since we can recycle it to make fuel with it. Also, pieces of the raft and weapons that help us stay alive. On the trip, we will meet exotic sharks, crocodiles and peculiar pirates. The announcement of its date on PC is accompanied by its respective trailer.

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