Friday, November 25

This Week In Pokémon Unite: Decidueye Confirmed, Greedent Nerfed, And More

As one OP Pokémon is nerfed, it appears that another will take its place.

Pokemon Unite updates have been quiet lately, so much so that last week they didn’t give us anything to write about. But the MOBA is back in action this week with the reveal of a new character and a much-needed patch. But in true Unite fashion, just as one OP character steps out, it seems like another is ready to enter.

Decidueye is officially coming to Pokémon Unite next Friday

So we knew for a while, but now it’s official: Decidueye is the next ‘mon’ to join the ever-growing list. The Gen 7 grass-type opener is coming to Pokémon Unite on Friday, November 19, and will clearly be a force to be reckoned with. Along with the release date, a brief trailer for Decidueye in action was released, showing that the great bird is capable of shooting a Snorlax with its Unite move. Who is betting on another week a nerf?

… And much of the information has already been extracted from data

As it happens, we won’t have to wait until Friday to see what Decidueye is all about. Much of what we uncovered during the official reveal was already known through a data mine, but it also gave us a glimpse of information that we are yet to know. This includes his full move set, which is as follows:

  • Front cover

  • Amaze

  • Razor blade

  • Spirit shackle

  • Leaf storm

  • Shadow sneak

  • Unite Move: Nock Nock

Pokemon Unite patch prevents Greedent from spamming his deadly burp

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New entries always seem to be incredibly dominated. Previously, we had Blastoise and Sylveon, but more recently, it was Greedent. Don’t let that adorable face fool you, Greedent was an unstoppable killing machine when he was first added to the game, all because he had an Unstoppable Burp. For whatever reason, it was possible to spam the Belch movement a lot more than the developers intended, but that was addressed in the most recent patch. Not only that, but now the healing berries will restore less HP and their shields are considerably less effective. Yes, I hope this is not your main …

Pokemon Unite adds Shrine-style Crustle, but other Holowears may disappear forever

Good news: Crustle got a fancy new Holowear! Bad news? You will have to act fast to choose the masks you want. While fans were distracted by the start of the new season, a piece of holowear was removed while others were added, confirming that some will be time exclusive. In this case, it was Garchomp’s staking style. This is probably a strategy to push players to shell out a bunch of micro coins at once, to collect the skins that were lost. Sure, the new update may give us the ability to transform Crustle into a walking building, but at what cost?

Top Pokemon Unite players love Lucario, Mr Mime, Hate Gengar, Garchomp

One player found out who the most popular Pokémon are in the game, and it’s pretty amazing. Anyone would expect Charizard to sit loud and proud in the first place, but it’s actually 18th on the list. Lucario takes the lead instead, with Eldegoss and Mr. Mime in second and third place respectively. This means that often overlooked monsters like Crustle and Wigglytuff are actually more popular than Charizard, at least in the MOBA. This suggests that players are actually choosing the main thing strategically, rather than just going for their favorite.

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