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The Witcher: Henry Cavill is willing to participate in seven seasons of the series

Henry Cavill could play Geralt of Rivia for a long time, and the actor is delighted with the idea.. In 2019 the showunner Lauren Hissrich said she had a plan in mind with seven seasons dedicated to the witcher, and while it sounded too ambitious at the time, the first season on Netflix became an immediate hit, also revitalizing sales of The Witcher 3 from CD Projekt RED; In a month the second season is released, delayed by problems in filming with COVID-19.

Will Cavill be willing to embody this character created by Andrzej Sapkowski? “Absolutely”, said the Superman interpreter to The Hollywood Reporter. “As long as they can continue to tell great stories that honor Sapkowski’s work.”

In this same article Hissrich speaks of a more “intellectual” Geralt for the second season, a personality that was partly Cavill’s idea. After releasing the first episodes Hissrich received comments and although many people enjoyed this Geralt, Cavill pointed out that in the books you spend a lot of time in the mind of the protagonist. “At the same time I wanted to tell her story about becoming a father figure to Ciri. So the two things coincided wonderfully.”

“Face your fears. Find your destiny. The second season of The Witcher premieres on December 17 on Netflix, “says the last trailer of this production; our report we review all the news of this season. In terms of video games, CD Projekt RED continues to work on the next generation version of The Witcher 3 that will bring ray tracing and faster load times to the base game, both in expansions and in all the additional content.

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Henry Cavill starring in The Immortals

This year we have also learned that the actor will not stray too far from swords with the new version of The immortals by Chad Stahelski, Director of John Wick. “I’ve been a fan of The immortals since I was a kid. From the movies with all the glory of the 80s with Queen music to the television series with an actor who looked a lot like one of my brothers. It’s an adventure that I (and I hope you too) will never forget, “Cavill wrote on his Instagram.

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