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Tencent pulls out the wallet and buys part of Playtonic, Yooka-Laylee devs | LevelUp

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Tencent does not stop and continues to invest in the purchase of studios. He recently took control of Soleil and Valhalla Game Studios with the acquisition of Wake Up Interactive. Now, the Chinese giant has set its sights on a renowned independent study.

If you know Yooka-Laylee then surely the name of Playtonic Games sounds familiar to you, developers in charge of the peculiar platform. Well, Tencent decided to take out the portfolio again and invest in said study.

The Chinese company now owns part of the study, having bought a minority stake. Thanks to this, Playtonic will be able to expand and do more ambitious projects in the future.

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Tencent and Playtonic sign promising agreement

Playtonic has a promising future thanks to recent investment from Tencent, the amount of which was not disclosed. The developer will take advantage of this opportunity to grow big, so now it will have up to 3 development teams.

This will translate into a greater number of titles released in the long run. To do this they plan to increase their workforce, including with possible acquisitions. Playtonic is also already thinking of new offices in other regions beyond the UK.

Gavin Price, head of the study, assured that they have always had a good relationship with Tencent, so it is the perfect ally to make their expansion plans come true in the coming years.

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“They liked the study and what we released earlier, and they thought they could help us achieve those goals. And it just went on from there. Naturally, everyone wanted to do this, so we left it to the lawyers and hope they tell me it’s done. “Commented the creative.

Playtonic agreed to the deal for one main reason: the possibility of being able to make more games and release them more frequently. He also highlighted the support that Tencent will give them and that it continuously offers to other large companies.

“Since Tencent has a stake in many companies, there are many opportunities to meet and find out more about each other. There is a great level of support there. But ultimately, it is about more games for us. We want to make more games with more. frequency, “added Gavin Price.

Playtonic Friends, its distribution project, will also benefit from Tencent’s investment. The studio confirmed that it is currently working on 3 undisclosed projects, which began before reaching an agreement with the Chinese giant.

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