Thursday, December 8

Samsung Adds S Pen to Galaxy Z Fold3 Foldable Device

The Samsung company this year has expanded its availability of smatphones folding with the launch of the Galaxy Z Fold3 y the Galaxy Z Flip3. Specifically addressing the improvements of the Fold3, which has a large screen, it has evolved to support an S Pen for the first time on a flip phone. This has been made possible by the incorporation of several advanced technologies based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), which allow drawing and writing on the screen and converting the handwriting of different languages ​​into text, according to Santiago Izquierdo, head of Technology and Platforms of Samsung Electronics Iberia.

The main contributions that were made for the Galaxy Z Fold3 were two. The first, the development of Deep learning on the device to recognize handwritten content. The second, the technology to reduce the input latency of the S Pen, which combines advances in graphics and Artificial Intelligence.

The kit development of software S Pen (SDK) offers different ways to speed up rendering, as well as reduce and optimize S Pen input latency. Add smart features like handwritten text recognition, shapes, diagrams, and straight line writing placement.

Improvements through artificial intelligence

As the new Z Fold3 is equipped with a huge folding screen, the company uses AI technology to optimize the experience of using the pen, as well as to improve latency. Using point prediction technology powered by Deep learning, the S Pen’s next move can be predicted, to minimize the delay between input and output on the Z Fold3 screen. This functionality, in combination with display and front buffer rendering technology, means that users can achieve a natural way of handwriting, note-taking and drawing on the Z Fold3.

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Right now, the S Pen supports 88 languages ​​in total, 14 of which were added last year. To achieve recognition speed, advanced technology has been developed based on deep learning and millions of user samples and speech modeling for natural language processing (NLP).


For those who love handwriting, the S Pen to Text feature lets you write directly in text fields, and handwriting is automatically converted to text. Editing of any text is possible, for example, correct the spacing or insert words.

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One function of interest is the mode defined forms which makes it possible not only to draw them, but also to build a flow chart. On the other hand, it is advisable to consult the application Advice to learn about the functions of the S Pen and learn how to use other applications of the brand.

To these capabilities, it is expected to add, shortly, a greater customization capacity. “Our mission”, in Izquierdo’s opinion, “is to make S Pen writing like writing in your notebook with a pen, but better and smarter.”

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