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REPORT: Cloud gaming will generate more than $ 13 MMDD in 2026 | LevelUp

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Cloud technology has been an important advance in the digital age and it is through it that access to the same content is guaranteed from different devices and platforms. In the case of video games, this is one of the proposals designed to be exploited in the future, although currently it already gives a lot to talk about thanks to xCloud from Xbox, STADIA from Google and Luna from Amazon. So far, the outlook for the years to come is very good for cloud gaming and is expected to generate billions of dollars in a few years.

Cloud gaming will generate billions of dollars in a few years

Analysis firm DFC Intelligence (via Gamesindustry.biz) presented its 2021-2026 projections report on the cloud video game business. In it, it is estimated that by 2026, the gaming experience through the cloud will generate $ 13,500 million, income from different sources but that in the end will be related to this new way of playing and creating content.

At the same time, the firm pointed out that the expectation of greater revenue generation will come from PC users and consoles with modern equipment that allow the deployment of gaming in the cloud and the different forms of interaction that are expected.

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The cloud integrated into video games will offer new monetization options

In this regard, the report considers that the cloud technology applied in video games is not limited to an immediate experience between the user and the content, as it gives and will give to interact in new ways with regard to issues such as audience and content. content creation will be an important part of this new ecosystem.

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In that sense, DFC thinks that among the forms of interaction is the possibility for users to join the game of their favorite streamer in real time, something that immediately refers to STADIA’s proposal on YouTube, and this will generate new ways of monetization.

Since we are talking about the cloud in gaming, we remind you that xCloud is already available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, which means that you can immediately play those titles that have support for this technology, without downloads and without installations. .

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